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gio 21 dic



Coincidentia Oppositorum

STAGIONE XXIV "eden" & "Via Illuminativa"

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Coincidentia Oppositorum
Coincidentia Oppositorum

Time & Location

21 dic 2023, 18:00 – 22 dic 2023, 18:00

Bressanone, Viale Ratisbona, 16, 39042 Bressanone BZ, Italia

About The Event

On the occasion of the Rebirth-day of Terzo Paradiso on 21.12 action with Santija Bieza and Nazario Zambaldi and "Dialogue on the infinity" with Hannes Egger curator of "Via Illuminativa" and Beate Weyland creator of EdenLab at the Free University of Bolzano. As part of "Via Illuminativa" exhibition spread in Bressanone on the theme of peace curated by Hannes Egger Nazario Zambaldi in dialogue with the sign of the infinity of the Third Paradise - which also participates in "Via Illuminativa" - and with the infinity long meditated by Cusano, humanist bishop of Bressanone, creates a series of images on the "squaring of the circle", "quadratura circuli" to which Niccolò da Cusa dedicated himself in Brixen centre. These ten image meditations are complemented by texts taken from his philosophical work in an installation on the pillars of the university. In "De pace fidei" Niccolò reacted to the conquest of Constantinople by the Ottomans in 1453, unlike many of his contemporaries, not by calling for its reconquest but by reflecting on the possibilities of peace between peoples and religions. Towards a possible peace, "learned ignorance" as a sense of the limit between finite and infinite guides the installation, together with another concept dear to the learned humanist and religious, the "coincidentia oppositorum" which also inspires the action on December 21st at 6pm for Rebirth-day, in collaboration with the performer and dancer Santia Bijeza. Image: Michael Meier, Symbola Aureae Mensae (1617). Albertus Magnus pointing to an alchemical androgyne holding the letter Y. (The Y is, as Philo taught, the symbol of the Word which pierces the essence of being. The Nassine Gnostics taught that it represented the intimate nature of being, which is male and female and, as such, eternal).

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